Tankbags and other motorcycle accessories in combination with the Forkshield

We guarantee that our SWEGOTECH Forkshield fits on a STOCK AfricaTwin.
However, besides riding, a big part of our passion for motorcycles is modifying our bikes with all kind of motorcycle accessories. There are thousands of different options available to customize your motorcycle individually for your needs. And this is where it gets tricky, because we can't test all different possible combinations. Many accessories work perfect in combination with our product, but some modifications like for example different handlebar holders or tankbags maybe won't fit in combination with the Forkshield. Also when you lower the front of your bike by changing the fork position in the fork clamps this will cause problems. Luckily this is the exception and only a few people had this problem with our product.
Therfore please check BEFORE you order, the possibility that a deflector plate above the forktunnel can interfere with your other motorcycle accessories !!!

We started this page to give our customers an idea to find solutions for these problems. Furthermore if you are for example in the market for a new tankbag, you will get a better understanding on what would work in combination with our SWEGOTECH Forkshield.

The picture below shows my Africa Twin in combination with the new Givi XS320 Tankbag (15-23 Liter). The Givi works with a very nice tank-lock system. Other companies offer similar solutions. My Givi tankbag comes also with a security strap. From what I read in different internet forums, most people do not even use the security strap, because the system works so good. I mostly use the security strap around the center of the handlebar. In a worst case scenario this would hold the bag on the bike, so that it won't fall off.
However, when riding offroad I can also use the strap around the headstock, just for added security (see picture below). I have to use the longest strap position on the Africa Twin. Make sure that the strap is inside the Forkshield cutout curves for the handlebar holders. Only when you tilt the steering completly to the right side, the fork will slightly touch the strap connector, but I personally don't see a problem here. In most cases I still use the security strap just around the middle of the handlebar, because the tankbag is connected very good with the tank lock system. These are only my personal ideas as a solution. For safety issues, liability or further information please check your tankbag instruction manual!

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If your tank bag system does not have a tank lock, then it can get a bit more complicated.
The picture below shows Mikes highly modified Africa Twin with a very nice Nelson Rigg Tankbag. Compared to my Givi tankbag this one is held in position with straps, so he came up with the idea to use some tie downs under the Forkshield. Mike is a serious offroad rider and so far this solution works flawlessly on his Africa Twin.

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